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"Kanner Productions – new & old media” was founded by Yuval Kanner, in order to meet the growing need for marketing content in both new and traditional media. The company produces videos on a wide range of topics and for a variety of purposes, including viral videos, corporate films, documentaries, commercials, newscasts, training videos, and more. Work on all photographs and videos begins from the early stages of research and concept formulation, continues through the creative stage, and culminates in promotion on the various Internet and media platforms.


"Kanner Productions – new & old media” has set high professional standards for itself and is committed to uncompromising quality. For this reason, the company is staffed by first-rate professionals, who use the most advanced equipment in the creation process.


The company's products combine presenters, actors, aerial photography, a variety of languages, and advanced filming and editing technology. Among the various genres, there are Google search videos, a series of short films produced as a single unit, flash mobs, a filmed report for a citizen to present to the authorities, periodic news reports, films for fundraising and garnering support, production of photo stills, photography for projection on giant screens, and production of radio broadcasts.


Yuval Kanner, the founder, is a highly experienced content writer who held a number of positions at Yediot Communications, the Mynet website, Galei Zahal (Army Radio), television news programs, and more.


Our clients include colleges, authorities, industrial management, companies, organizations, private businesses, academic institutions, medical centers, hi-tech companies, orchestras, politicians, real-estate companies, communication channels, and more.


Leading team:

Amit Kedarhas a wealth of experience in filming and training films, TV shows, docu and feature films.
Ido Kenneris a director and a leading and respected screenwriter.
Assaf Oshi is a video editor, After Effects artist and creator.
Uri Kagan is a video and animation editor and a real professional.
Or Cohen is a production manager and executive for special tasks.
Itzik Ifergan is a versatile and experienced photo and video artist.

Contact Us: +972-3-6440099

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